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The Kids in April May 6, 2008

Filed under: Family — martyschmidt @ 8:42 pm

Lydia is growing like crazy! Not so much in height or weight but in mobility and understanding. Her crawling ability took off about two weeks ago which was about two weeks after cutting two teeth and now she is pulling herself up on her two feet every chance she gets. She also is waving goodbye and often not with one hand but two!

Toby is outside every chance he gets. Usually the debate on whether or not to let him go outside revolves around whether or not we want to put up with a tantrum when it is time to come in. Like a typical boy he loves puddles, mud, and dirt. He got some new gardening tools that keep him busy and once he is board with those he’ll mess around with the shop vac and extension cords.

We got a new vacuum a couple weeks ago and Toby loves it! To say he is passionate about vacuum’s is a complete understatement. If you ever visit it is probable that you will hear the following phrase from him, “it’s not a toy” in reference to the new vac cum. Lately he has taken to “accidentally” crushing his snacks all over the carpet leaving us with no option but to get out the “green vacuum.” Once the sweeping is done Toby will be sure to wind up the cord and put it back into the closet.


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