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Circus Church May 8, 2008

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Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from a friend offering our family free tickets to the circus that is in town. We quickly found a sitter for Lydia and within the hour we were pulling into the Bridge View Center parking lot. I turned around and asked Toby if he was excited about going to the circus. He said, “Yeah! Are we going to church?” Jenny and I laughed pretty hard since the circus happened to be meeting in the same place as church. Toby sat through the entire two hour show. We saw Elephants, Tigers, Jugglers, High Wire Acts, Acrobats and More. I think his favorite part was the balloons in the lobby.



2 Responses to “Circus Church”

  1. Bryan Sissel Says:

    What a great show it was I got to help set up their lights ring ect tue morning then I was an usher Tues eve I had a blast

  2. Lon Says:

    see now that is cool, if only there was some way to integrate that into the service

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