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Airport Church May 13, 2008

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Once a month I drive back to Pella for a staff meeting with the folks from our Mother Church, Third Church. Today we took the time to watch a talk given by Reggie McNeal at the RCA Onething Event in San Antonio this past January. The purpose of his talk was to have us rethink ministry with a real focus on the Kingdom of God. Below our my notes from his talk.

  • Instead of looking at the kingdom through a church lens we need to look at church through a kingdom lens
  • the church is always playing catch up to the Spirit (see the first half of Acts)
  • we look at the scorecard of church by how many are here – Jesus tells parables that reflect a scorecard on who is missing (lost coin, lost sheep, lost son)
  • the church should/could be viewed like an airport – the church is a connector not the destination to where people really want to go – (people want life – which is found in the kingdom – which is where the king is)
  • already been said but church is not the destination
  • our job is to bless people
  • our job is not to convict people of sin
  • we should be blessing people (not randomly but intentionally)

Afterwords we sat around in groups and processed the talk. Much of our conversation was on identifying where God is already at work (Spirit being ahead) and evaluating our individual ministries (for me thebridge) in light of the talk. One quote from our table that has stuck with me all day is “We want God to bless what we are doing instead of going to where God is blessing.”

Overall the morning was very encouraging for me. I see thebridge as a church that longs to be a blessing. I see us active in mission. I like the idea of being an airport helping people get to where God is calling them to be. I see our focus as being one on the King and His Kingdom.


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