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WiBo Thoughts May 23, 2008

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The White Board Conference was awesome! If you want a report on what each speaker’s one idea was I’d suggest going to Perry Nobles Blog (here). Here are a few thoughts and personal take aways.

  • Where I was most challenged – Vince Antonucci gave a fishing illustration that messed with me all day. As a church plant that has seen a lot of transfer growth I began to second guess some things. I’m still processing all of this.
  • What was most humorous – Perry Noble had the place rolling several times. A couple being the time he facially demonstrated an argument he had with God while praying in front of the church and the time a person told him they one time ran a 5K marathon.
  • What was most impressive – The conference itself. The format was amazing and the speakers really honored the set up. The location was excellent. The cost was beautiful. The purpose was captivating. Ben did an amazing job and is a real humble guy.
  • What was unique – I’ve never seen this much networking at any other conference. Whenever a session wasn’t going on everyone was networking. I think this is because the fuel behind this conference was in the blog world and a lot of the people who attended already knew people there but had never met. We were at our hotel the night before and Tadd Grandstaff (a church planter I’ve been following in the blog world) walked by and we struck up a conversation. Very unique.
  • What was most inspiratinal – Mark Batterson showed a short video of some baptisms and I have to tell you this gets me every time! I was weeping. I’m praying like crazy for our baptisms that will be coming up this summer.

I would highly recommend the DVD of this event. You can order it (here)


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