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Out of the Archives May 27, 2008

Filed under: Family,Video — martyschmidt @ 4:39 pm

Jenny spent a couple hours sorting through all of our pictures and video’s on my computer. Something about having 34 different folders randomly located all over with each holding an additional number of folders wasn’t organized enough for her. One of the videos that once was lost but now is found is below. This was a fun find as we had forgotten about Toby’s chipmunk laugh and his desire to stuff his face.


4 Responses to “Out of the Archives”

  1. Funny stuff. What a laugh! Almost seems dubbed in.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I loved the chipmunk laugh! Does Lydia have the same one?

  3. laura from michigan Says:

    oh the chipmunk laugh…good times!

  4. martyschmidt Says:

    Lydia has a laugh all to her own. She also has a shake your shoulders kind of dance but we haven’t landed it on video yet but you can be sure it will be up when we do.

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