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Thursday to Thursday May 28, 2008

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Random recap of a Thursday to Thursday:

4:00am (central time) woke up in Washington DC – could get back to sleep
8:00am arrived at Whiteboard
12:00pm enjoyed some Big Bowl for lunch
4:30pm left for the airport
7:00pm plane delayed
10:30pm arrive in Chicago to find plane delayed again
12:50am got into my car
2:25am got into my driveway
2:30am got into bed (I’m not a fan of 22.5 hour days)

met with Kate about Sunday
landed the design for our mailer
wrestled with Toby
Jenny and I watched a West Wing with Sarah and Kate

went to Pella to help my bro move
met with a couple I’m marrying next month
fell asleep on the in-laws couch while Lydia took a nap and Toby watched Elmo
went back to my bro’s and moved some more stuff and ate some awesome jambalaya
put in some prayer time for Sunday morning

Cy taught at thebridge and rocked the place! He talked about being a witness
Worship was sweet – I’m going to miss Matt leading for us
Met with another couple I’m marrying later this summer
Watched Return of the Jedi

Studied for the upcoming series (i’m getting so pumped for this series)
Chris came over and hung a mirror in our bathroom (it only took a year for us to get that done)
Went to Pella and helped the bro again
Met with Brandon about youth stuff

Spent more time on Acting School
Staff meeting
Worked on a list of projects for Jenny
Jenny and I were going to watch a movie but Toby decided it was a good night to stay up until 10:15

Started to put together our bulletin which is actually a playbill – I’m trying to make it humorous but sometimes people don’t understand my humor
Hung out with my sound guy for a few hours talking life and future ideas for thebridge
Went for a walk with Toby and Lydia


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