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Acting School Playbill May 29, 2008

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Instead of having a bulletin for our summer series Acting School we have decided to make a playbill. Even though the idea was being kicked around over a month ago it wasn’t until a couple days ago that I started to lay it out. The content which includes cast, timeline, key terms, setting, about the author, and scenes is done but the formatting could really use some work. Below is the verbiage of the Cast pages. Each person in the cast has a stick-man drawing for an image next to their name, the Holy Spirit has a box that says no image available.



Jesus – The number of names and descriptions for Jesus are far too exhaustive to list. In fact, John 21:25 says, “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” We will say that Jesus is the actor of Acts, yet He is rarely onstage.


Holy Spirit – The description of the Holy Spirit could simply say, please see above, and there would be a great amount of accuracy in that. The Holy Spirit is mentioned by name 32 times in the first 13 chapters of Acts, and we see the Spirit moving in, around, and through the followers of Jesus. The Holy Spirit continues to be active even today.


Peter – aka “The Rock” has the leading role in the visual sense (as Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the primary actors but are rarely seen on stage) for the first 12 chapters and plays significant roles in the growth of the early church and embracing the Gentile believers.


Theophilus – He is the recipient of this letter written by Luke, and it is our best guess that he was a rich dude that gave Luke some serious coin for his work.


Stephen – Right when you get to know and like a guy (chapter six), he gets killed (chapter seven). Stephen was the first martyr of the church.


Saul/Paul – A man with many talents…he could quilt tents, preach, hold coats during the occasional stoning, walk long distances, get hit by rocks, plant churches, shipwreck survivor, and author half of the New Testament. This man from Tarsus is the main actor from chapters 13-28.


Barnabas – Not to be confused with the purple dinosaur, Barney, Barnabas is just as encouraging. He is an advocate of others and willing to bless others at his own expense.


Philip – Now you see him, now you don’t! This follower of Christ pulled off the unimaginable quantum leap. After sharing the good news with a brother, he was transported to Azotus (a place known for great windsurfing).


Cornelius – A middle-ranked officer in the Roman army with 100 soldiers under him. He receives some high fives from Peter and is accepted, even though he is a Gentile.


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