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Toby Quotes June 3, 2008

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We have entered the stage of unending questions and hilarious statements from Toby. Here is a small sampling that keeps us highly entertained.

While playing in his room, “I’m so happy to see you tape measure.”

Normal conversation with Jenny, “I’m so proud of you mommy.”

Often when Toby wants to do something that isn’t the best of timing (for example playing outside when no one can watch him or watch a second movie in a row) Jenny will suggest something else for him to do with the words, “or we could do something else like color or play cars” Toby has capitilized on this language. Toby do want chicken nuggets or pizza, “or fruit snacks” big smile. Or this morning’s version, “Mommy can I watch a movie?” “No Toby it’s to close to nap time.” Toby says “We could do something else like watch a movie.”

Tonight we were walking through Wal-Mart and over the speakers came an announcement letting someone know their car was ready to which Toby shouted out, “OK – Thanks!”

Hard to believe this was him less then a year ago.


One Response to “Toby Quotes”

  1. Jon Says:

    Wow, thats hilarious. I can hear him saying it.

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