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Where is Ben!?! June 4, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 1:41 pm

Earlier today I got a phone call from a friend (Justice – junior college buddy who has since found/been found by Jesus and has a couple hilarious videos of his daughter on their blog here and here). letting me know that our friend Ben was missing.

He had recently graduated from med school and had mentioned stopping by Justice’s in California on his way to San Diego. It had been a few days and Justice hadn’t heard from him and couldn’t get a hold of him. After talking to Ben’s brother who said he and the family haven’t been able to track him down for several days Justice called me to ask if I would pray.

I am amazed at how quickly some things can take priority in my mind. I really wanted to know what happened to Ben. I was concerned for him. I wanted him found. Justice is CHP (California style) and quickly had three different states looking for him.

Justice called me about three hours later to let me know that Ben had been found. It turns out he had went camping for a few days in Nevada and was off the grid. He is all good.

I can’t get around the spiritual significance of this all. Is my priority the lost? Does my mind get consumed with those who are far from God? Am I willing to use all of my networks to seek them out? Am I even praying that they would be found?


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