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New Bridge Website June 6, 2008

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 10:00 pm

Like most churches with a limited budget, resources, talents, and time – maintaining a website is a tough task. Even with highly gifted people willing to help there are tons of things to coordinate. Not to mention that once you get everything up and running you then have the great task of keeping the entire thing updated and relevant. Well after ours sat idle for 6 months and relaunching my blog I got the crazy idea of having a blog be our website. (I found out today that I’m not the first to think of this as Saddleback Youth actually has something like this. I’ll post their link on Monday when I find it again) So with the help of my bro we began formatting our own site/blog. You can see the progress at Please ask questions and for all of you bloggers please give me suggestions as to what and how it could be improved.


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