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Sunday Recap June 9, 2008

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Yesterday was amazing!

  • We had an hour’s worth of technical difficulty. We continue to struggle at getting our computer patched into the Bridge View Center’s projector. Thomas stayed on it and we had it up twenty minutes to start.
  • PC power points don’t convert the easiest into Mac and then into easy worship. We’ll have to be thinking about a new strategy for this. Sarah is the best power point person in the world.
  • Larry & Karen are the masters of set up. They had the place looking sweet in 25 minutes.
  • Worship was off the hook. Kellee took the helm this week and got us off to a rocking start!
  • Can we get Chris to pray every week? I didn’t need to say anything after that.
  • Acts 2 had a lot of potential tangents but it all is leading to we need to be rescued and that can only happen through Jesus.
  • I met with Ed & Mary about being the champions of meet, greet, seat, and treat. Awesome!

Funny Family Moments

  • During worship Toby saw other people lifting their hands in worship and chose to join in.
  • A little later in worship he seemed bothered that Grandma was not joining in so he took her arm and lifted it in the air.
  • Jenny reported back to me that at the end of the service when I lifted my hands to give the closing blessing – Lydia lifted her hands for “so big”

One Response to “Sunday Recap”

  1. Scott Says:


    As to your PPT problem, you might try Open Office. Rangeview (my church) has used OO for a while now with no difficulties at all. I use the native OO environment to construct the slides, save them as a PPT file, and then port them over with a thumb drive into our church computer for use in Easy Worship. No problems at all.

    Just a thought…

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