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The Floods of 08 in Ottumwa 3 June 13, 2008

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The information below was given to me from Sue who attended the latest City Update meeting.

We have been told we are in this for the ‘long haul’ – at least 2 weeks of people needing assistance – here and in Eddyville, Eldon, and Douds.

At this time the water level projection is 20.8 by Sunday – which is below ’93 levels. However, this is a nearly minute by minute changing situation. More rain, a larger release than the currently projected 100,000 cubic feet/second from Red Rock (down from the rumor/earlier projection of 115,000), or a breach in the levee could change all of this.

Although the city is confident that all will be intact – lesson learned from Cedar Rapids is to be prepared for the “worst case scenario” – thus people who think they might be in the flood plan potential area should collect an “emergency kit” – medications; a change of clothes; a blanket and important papers – with a plan of where to go should the need arise. Being prepared and not needing it is much better than not being prepared and needing to have been!

Again – workers are especially needed at Salvation Army and if you can help at the shelter, contact United Way at 682-1264.

We at thebridge have committed to serving meals tomorrow – we are still looking for more volunteers.


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