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The Floods of 08 in Ottumwa 6 June 14, 2008

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Here is a Saturday night update.

Reports were “mixed” today from the Emergency Preparedness Meeting –
    *crest is expected at 6AM tomorrow (22 feet, 4 inches)
    *nearly 1 foot lower than ’93 flood (which is good news)
    *however – level will stay at 22 feet, 4 inches – for at least 5 days
        which means more pressure on levees and sandbagging areas
There was some concern around one of the electric substations – a call went out for all sandbaggers asap to help fortify the area – at 10PM, I do not have an update on that.

Here is the substation as of 4:00pm.

A wider view of the same substation.

I was with Steve who served in Iraq and I forgot what he called these but he said it was the same things they built around different bases. This one is in front of the Market St bridge on the opposite side of the Bridge View Center.

One fun pic for the day – Chris has been helping with some projects in the Schmidt home and often is heard asking for a pencil. Today he was returning our car and Toby asked if he needed a pencil and came running with one for Chris. Chris mentioned that a hat came in handy so you wouldn’t lose it. Two minutes later Toby comes back into the room with his own hat on and a pen.


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  1. Randy Sinclair Says:

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    Randy & Kathy Sinclair
    (Third Pella)

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