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Saturday Fun June 21, 2008

Filed under: Family — martyschmidt @ 9:32 pm

Today was an awesome Saturday.

  • Jenny drove to Pella so I could read
  • Had a birthday brunch for my father-in-law
  • Laughed a lot at Toby, Lydia, and Isaiah
  • Played softball for Jake’s bachelor party – ton of fun but Jake hurt his back and the rest of the festivities were cancelled
  • Played a game of Settlers with the guys
  • Hung out with my brother and his family – dodge ball with the nephews is always a blast – I can’t wait for their house to get done
  • Jenny drove home so I could read again – I love her

Toby is feeding a cat a rock.

Saw a double rainbow on the way home.

Toby has been helping daddy put together some IKEA furniture.


One Response to “Saturday Fun”

  1. Hey Marty. I met you at whiteboard last month. Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello.

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