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BHAG Number 1 June 23, 2008

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I’m not sure who came up with the idea of BHAG’s but it has stuck with me. It stands for Big Huge Audacious Goal or said another way a dream that can only be achieved with God’s help. I have identified 5 BHAG’s for us to target in the next year at thebridge.

BHAG #1 – Have 72 people actve in a small group this fall.

For some this may seem crazy big and for others crazy small. For us it is a BHAG. This year we offered 5 different small groups and had 36 different people participate. Here are some of the things we are doing in order to achieve our BHAG:

  • We are praying very intentionally towards it.
  • We are name dropping small groups often (I hear the pastor is even blogging about it).
  • We will do a teaching series on relationships in September.
  • We will be offering 7 different small group options.
  • Everyone on our staff will be a part of a small group but none of us will be leading one.
  • Small groups are a part of our membership process.

Do you have any BHAG’s in your church? Do you have any personal BHAG’s? What are you doing to achieve the BHAG before you?


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