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Let the craziness begin June 25, 2008

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Tonight we will be welcoming 20 junior high students from Orange City Iowa to the wonderful city of Ottumwa. They will be doing various service projects in the are Thursday through Sunday. I am so excited for all of the different things we have in store for them. Some of the projects include: building a wheel chair ramp for a person from the road to their house, preparing meals at the soup kitchen, painting, and probably the most junior high appropriate thing I could think of Sheet-rocking!

Tonight we will have our final men’s group study of the summer on Nehemiah. This study has been an awesome catalyst for what I believe God has called us to. Starting next week will begin work on a house for a member at thebridge. I also have two other projects up my sleeve for this group of men. I love how God had more in mind then studying Nehemiah, he also intended for us to go and do like Nehemiah.

I met with Kellee our worship leader this afternoon and he has been kicking around some awesome idea for Sunday worship. I can’t wait to implement some of things we were talking about.

This afternoon I also met with a faculty member of Central College. The goal of the meeting was to see how they could utilize the various things thebridge is a part of in Ottumwa and send us students to come do service learning. I think we can offer them a gold mine of opportunities and we will receive a ton of help as well. In the last three weeks I have been contacted by over a dozen individuals and groups desiring to come to Ottumwa and serve in some way. I’m continually blown away at people’s desire to be a part of what we are doing.


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