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Mass Download July 1, 2008

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It has been an ubber crazy last few days.

  • We led our second youth service trip. This time for four days with 21 students from Orange City. The weather played a factor with a number of our projects but we had a blast.
  • Kate’s brother got ambulanced to Rochester, MN after contracting lime disease. I’m happy to report that after 3 days in the hospital the Sloan family was able to leave on their family vacation.
  • We have been doing some more home projects like painting, hanging pictures (with the help of Chris) and reorganization. One of those places was my office but after a week I’m finally moved back in and feel more organized then ever.
  • Jenny’s dad had surgery today and her mom has a major surgery on Thursday.
  • Sunday was awesome! Kellee is doing an awesome job coming in and leading worship. Instead of me reading the scripture on Sunday we watched chapters 6 & 7 from the Visual Bible.
  • Saturday we had 15 people from thebridge show up at the homeless shelter for our Sheet “Rockin” Party. I’d say we cranked out close to a third of the project. Now we have 2/3 all the taping, mudding, and painting to go. Next Party is Thursday at 6:00pm.
  • One of our neighbors moved out on Sunday and our new neighbors moved in yesterday. We are really going to miss Steve & Ronelle.
  • Said goodbye to Sue from 1st Presbyterian today. She has taught me a ton in my first year in how to work with city and help those with the highest needs.

A few pics from the last few days.

Both Toby & Lydia are starting to sleep better. Now if we could just keep Toby on the bed.

OC cleaning the streets of Otown.

This is me pointing to the people who actually know something about sheetrocking.



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