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Super Saturday July 12, 2008

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Twas an awesome day. After starting the morning with an hour of sheet rocking our family headed to Pella. I had the honor of marrying two of my friends this afternoon. I’ve done a few weddings in the past two years but this was actually my first normal wedding. Up until this point I’ve officiated (makes it sound like a sporting event) the wedding with someone else or it has been a destination wedding.

I had a ton of joy because of how I know this couple and thus I was able to have some fun by using the game Settlers of Catan as the word picture for the message. In this game there are five different resource cards and I equated each resource card with a different resource that I believe will be important in their marriage. The only flaw/mess up was when I referenced the robber (which allows different players to steal resource cards in the game) to the devil and then further explained the illustration by name dropping one of my best friends. During one of the songs I’m thinking to myself – did I just create a new trinity of the Robber, the Devil, and my friend. Quite a few laughs during the reception.

Other perks of this day was drive time with the family. Lydia kept nodding off and Toby tried keeping her awake and the both of them were giggling a ton which thus got Jenny and I laughing pretty hard. Their were an ubber number of friends at the wedding that I haven’t seen for years and it was great to have conversations with them. Had Sonic for lunch and loved it – good commercials and good food – now that’s a combo.

Tonight I’m really tired and not sure what tomorrow morning will bring. I’m super excited about the message but must admit that it has a long way to go. Early morning conversation is scheduled with me, the Lord, and about 8 cups of coffee!

Oh yeah – one more thing about the wedding that I thought was super cool. The bride was given a purity ring when she was young by her parents. Well when she went to get the grooms ring she had her purity ring melted down and attached to his ring. NOW THAT IS AWESOME!


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