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Ananias Like Promptings July 14, 2008

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To say I was tired yesterday morning would be an understatement yet even in the physical tiredness their was a tremendous amount of joy and excitement in my heart. During set up I had two different promptings that were unique to me. The first happened while the band was praying and I just felt a strong sense of the presence of the Spirit in the room. It became clear that in our looking at Acts 9 that I was being called to be available to pray for people who feel like they have something blocking them from knowing the Lord and his love. The second happened just a short while later while praying before our service in the theater and I was drawn to a specific seat and to pray for the person who would sit there. What makes this unique is that this is a rather large theater in comparison to our attendance and open seats are everywhere – specifically in this area that the seat I was drawn to was in. I followed through on the first prompting and invited people to receive prayer and we had numerous people respond. By this time I had completely forgotten about the second prompting. Our service closed and I glanced up and there was a person who had never been to thebridge before sitting in the very seat I had prayed over. Further the person made a b-line towards me and it was clear God was working. We were able to talk and pray and I was taken back by who God is.

In all of this I am wondering about how many promptings I have following through on or even aware of. Do you intentionally listen and seek to see if the Lord has specific ideas or changes to your day today? Is there someone he is inviting you to pray for right now?


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