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Random Stories From My Week July 15, 2008

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When we remodeled our home we changed a small room in the upstairs into our bathroom. Never having done this before we positioned the stool right next to a window. The other day Toby had pulled the roller shade down to the floor so I was doing what you do and thought I’d just fix the shade. That thing shot out of my hand so fast and flew to ceiling. I sort of went into shock not knowing what to do – do you stand? do you duck? do you just act like this is normal and you don’t care? Jenny got a pretty good kick out of the story.

Last night I was trying to calm Toby down to go to bed and the conversation turned to him wanting to eat chips. The problem was I couldn’t understand if he wanted one or not. So I asked do you want one or none? He said none in response but it was clear he thought that meant he would get some. I said none is the same is zero. He just starts screaming, “I want zero. Give me zero chips!”

I got a warning ticket a little while back. After 8 speeding tickets and 7 warnings in the first 8 years of driving I am happy to report only 2 speeding tickets and 4 warnings since. This warning ticket was pretty standard – I was going 77 in a 65. What jumped out as odd though was a box that was filled in next to ethnicity. For some reason what was written in was “not Hispanic” to which I’d like to point out that I’m not a lot of other things either. I’m not sure what kind of profiling this but don’t you think that is a bit strange. I’ll put a picture of the warning up if I can find it.

Lydia is officially a teenager- I state this because of her new favorite toys: the phone, the remote control, my car keys, and my wallet.

I went on my first motor cycle ride ever on Sunday. A Vietnam Vet who attends thebridge regularly (I think he just likes the coffee – jk) asked if I would go for a ride with him. I figured why not. My father-in-law would point out that this was a Harley which I think is motor talk for louder. Anyways, he shared that he wanted to take me somewhere. I said sure. After driving a bit and trying to figure out how to make sure I didn’t fall off (something about a tall guy sitting high on the back sit makes you more likely to fall and catch bugs in your face) I asked where we were going. He mentioned a place about 10 miles outside of Ottumwa. YIKES! Side note – how in the world do you see on one of those things when you are going 65 mph? The wind just sucks your face back. The place he took me was pretty cool. It was a historical landmark that I had driven by hundreds of times but had never stopped to look at. It turns out it was the burial site of Curtis King, the oldest man to serve in the Civil War at age 80! You should take a minute and read his bio here. I love curve balls like this. They just stop and make you think. They also remind you why you don’t want a motor cycle.

Friday night Jenny woke up to get Lydia at 1:00am but I told her the noise she heard was coming from outside and that it had been going on for at least 20 minutes. She took a peek out our window to discover a police car right outside our house on the street with a man and a woman yelling at each other. The entire dispute went on for another half hour with an additional police car showing up and both individuals taken away. It turns out that neither person lives in the area and they just happened to pull over in front of our yard to continue their fight. Still processing this one but Jenny and I still laugh at ourselves because we were peeking through our curtains watching the whole thing.


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