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Toby and Lydia Update July 15, 2008

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Lydia has started a new job at night. She usually wakes up around 1:00am and keeps mom and dad up until around 3:30. We are going on week number two of this and cannot figure out what is going on.

Speaking of mom and dad – these are names no longer heard in our home. Toby has taken to only referring to us by our first names. You will often hear Jen yelled in a whisper (which is comical by itself) repeatedly so that he can request something normal like wrestling the pile of laundry on the floor. We can’t even trick him out of it. Jenny will say, “Say goodbye to daddy.” and Toby will respond with “Bye Mart!” It was funny at first, cute at second, we are currently on third though and trying to break him of it.

Lydia has recently taken a joy to nodding yes as can be seen by our latest youtube video below.

 We went on a family vacation last week. Here are a few pics.




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