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What one can of gas equals July 21, 2008

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Last Friday I had coffee with a friend I had met while in or Orlando. He’s from Chicago and was passing through on his way to Kansas and thought he would check out what we were doing here at thebridge. It was a great time of encouraging one another and as we parted ways we both shared how we were excited for the next time our paths would cross. Little did we know that would be in 30 minutes.

Bruce calls me up shortly after he had left to inform me that a woman had run out of gas about 10 miles outside of Ottumwa. He wanted to know how he could help. I told him I would be there in a few minutes with a gas can.

I have to admit that upon arriving I wasn’t all that excited about the change in plans. The woman kept complaining about her gas guzzler while two little guys tried to keep themselves entertained in the car. After gassing the car up and giving the two boys a fist pound I went home and didn’t think much of it.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and who should walk in but the lady, her grand-kids, and their dad. Thanks Bruce for the phone call. It was totally worth it. One gas can = 4 visitors.

side note – after the service this woman came up and showed me that her Bible has Acts 10:30 as four days and the Bibles we were using had three days. I went home and all of the other Bibles I own also have four days. Anyone else ever have that happen?


4 Responses to “What one can of gas equals”

  1. Jon Says:

    I didnt know your gas could reach so many unique people in so many unique ways…(i couldnt help myself)

  2. Debbie Shields Says:

    Praise God for those that give help to those in need.
    I am the woman that ran out of gas for the 5th time that Friday that Marty wrote his blog about. The adventures had started out at 5 a.m. 1st by picking up my 3 and 6 year old grandsons taking them on a journey they were looking forward too. Stopping in every town along the way for breaks for the boys, food, drinks and gas. They were so excited about the whole trip till the 4th time we ran out of gas and had to call the police to ask for help as cell phone got no reception to call AAA again. My older grandson said why do we keep running out of gas when we go to gas station? I seen the tear in his brown eyes and it broke my heart. I did not want him to see me cry so after the police brought gas(I paid full amount for gas plus a few cents extra) we made it to the next town where I put $20.00 in and thought that would be enough as that made $30.00. Then all the sudden the car stopped again. I could not believe it we had just left the town of Albia behind us and had not even made it to Eddyville Corner. My young grandsons said “out of gas again” that is when the tears came down I could no longer hold them in. It was 12:00 and they would be needing to eat soon and I did not know what to do I thought I could wait till 2:30 when Larry got off work but that was too long for the boys to wait so I called AAA they said I was only allowed 4 calls a year and I have reached that. I did not want to call the police. I knew I could not leave the car and walk with the boys so I did what I should have done first PRAYED. I then got out of the car raised the hood and got back in car. The boys and I were talking about God and how awesome he is and that he will help us. Just then a car was on the passenger’s side of the car. The man asks if we needed help I explained I was out of gas. I ask if he had a gas can he did not I said I had money for gas and can if he would go get some for us. He said he would call a friend of his. He spoke on the phone and then when he got off the phone he told me his friend was coming to help and ask if I would be ok. I explained I would be that God was protecting us and he would take care of us I have my Bible too. Then Bruce and I talked a while next thing I know Marty arrived there with gas in can. I thanked him and explained how the gas gage did not work and told him how much I had spent in gas already and that something was wrong with the car it never used that much before. I offered to pay for the gas he said no. Then my oldest grandson told him we had ran out of gas 5 times so far that day. I could see the hurt still in his face as he explained to them. Marty was nice to the boys when they each gave him a fist pound. He was so gentle and kind. When he explained about thebridge I had told him we had heard about it and wanted to go sometime. He made my heart open up and feel there was more than a good samaraton in him he was full of Gods love and what more people need to share. When we finally made it to Ottumwa I told Larry about how nice Bruce and Marty were and that I wanted to go to thebridge on Sunday he said he wanted to go too. I felt God guiding us to thebridge we made it and I was not disappointed at all. we were greeted and made to feel welcome. Thank you again! I do not mean to be a complainer I am sorry if that is how I came accross I was just worried about the boys and how much money I had spent I had only $17.00 left to get us back home and that was not buying food for them on the trip or anything else they needed while we were on the road. I know God provides if we ask and are true in our asking that is why he sent you to help us Thank you again

  3. Debbie Shields Says:

    I forgot to state Larry is not the boys father he is my friend. Their mother and father live in Tingley

  4. martyschmidt Says:


    It was an absolute delight meeting you on Sunday! Thanks for sharing more of the story and it is my hope that the Lord continues to guide you on all of your adventures.

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