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Sports Rant July 23, 2008

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I’m going to unload a little sports rant on things I’m excited about and frustrated by.

I’m starting to catch the fever. The Fantasty Football Fever that is! We are entering year eight of the dutch league and this will be my 15th year participating in fantasy football. This industry has come a long way the past 10 years. I remember going to Shinders bookstore to purchase the long awaited Fantasy Football book written by Cliff Charpentier. I loved reading the bio of Cliff’s previous year and how he never stuck to his own strategies. I remember purchasing different books to help organize your own league and every Monday morning searching the box scores and figuring out each teams total. As fond as those memories are I would never want to go back to those archaic days. Personally we use Fanball for our league. There are probably better ones out there but our league loves the message board and we have gotten use to this one. My co-owners (yes I have to co-owners) of Uncle Rico’s Steak Throwers have the third pick.

The Minnesota Twins do it again. Billy Smith is the man. I love how he took all of the criticism of the off season and responded with just wait and see. Everyone is a believer now and no one misses Santana or Hunter. We loved them while they were here but Minnesota is so use to saying goodbye to the all stars that we don’t even think about it anymore. The only surprise was that Boston didn’t grab one of them. I mean come on Boston – you got Randy Moss, KG, and David Ortiz already and we showed you how they can make you winners. Why not Santana?

ESPN and the ESPY’S – It has been five years since I’ve had cable. Recently I started catching a few more Sportscenters and I’m just annoyed. They have a monopoly on sports but refuse to talk or show anything closely related to sports. Who cares about Title town or their best player bracket or whatever else they use to fill up their programing. Not to mention their own series like burning brooklyn or whatever it was called. How about showing us more highlights! Then there were the ESPY’s which I only caught a little bit of. What I saw was pretty good until the gospel choir came out singing they love sports. The idol of sports just keeps getting bigger (yet I still play fantasy football).

Oh I also play fantasy baseball but our team has sort of fallen off the wagon and if we don’t pull it around in the next week I’ll officially quit looking at box scores.

Central College just hired Kyle Halfpop as assistant soccer coach. The dude is amazing and I’m hoping he can help our Alumni win our first Alumni game this year. We are 0-8 in Alumni games.

Go Twins!

Thus ends the rant.


One Response to “Sports Rant”

  1. Darin Says:

    There is always ESPN news if you are looking for more highlights, but they have quite a bit of interviews and other segments as well. Go Cubs!

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