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Jesus the Pastor Review July 24, 2008

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I’ve owned this book for a few years and never really had any interest in reading it. I think it was because I had a feeling I knew what the author would say. He would share that Jesus was a story teller, He had a heart for people, and He was close to God. For some reason though I felt compelled to pull this book off the shelf and give it a whirl. What I found was exactly what I listed above. Frye unpacked different characteristics of Christ and shared personal stories of how it has looked in his own life.


There was so much more! Around the halfway point Frye became more direct in his writing about the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. He jumped into an exploration of spiritual warfare on a Pastor and their family and the reality of the ongoing conflict we are in with the evil one. He shared a deep conviction on the presence of Christ in our lives that goes beyond your token talk of God is with us. These are all concepts, experiences, and beliefs that I hold to but have rarely seen discussed by Pastors who have come from a traditional seminary educated Pastor.


He closed the book with a few shorter chapters that talked about the ongoing role and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Frye took a direct approach at shooting down the arguments of the Cessationist, sighting frustration, suspicious fear, and resisting the Holy Spirit as the primary attitudes of the cessationist system. One of my favorite quotes was, “Cesationism is vasectomy of the Spirit.”

In closing none of this was new for me but rather a joyful and refreshing read of one’s journey in wrestling with all of this which is what I think Frye wanted to accomplish all along. I highly recommend this book to all who want to explore the more because the truth is – THERE IS MORE!


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