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Confession Time July 30, 2008

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I love Jane Austen! I remember when I first read Pride and Prejudice for a college lit class. I was somewhat annoyed that Mr. Darcy went after Elizabeth a second time but I have come around and admire his love. And truth be told that is the only time and book I have read by Austen. So how can I share my dirty little secret that I love Jane Austen? It’s those MOVIES! It doesn’t matter if it is the BBC version (which are by far the best) or the countless remakes or modern day retellings. I love them all. Persuasion, Sense & Sensibility, Becoming Jane, or even the Jane Austen Book Club. I’m slowly getting taken away by the current that is the cult following of everything Jane. My latest slip down the river came Saturday evening when our family was at Target and I saw a book entitled Austenland. I thought Jenny would enjoy it so I put it in the cart. Later in the evening when I was struggling to find words for the next morning’s message I opened up the book and found myself 30 pages in. Jenny caught me and started laughing. I handed it over to her and during breakfast the next morning she finished it. I totally wish I could read as fast as her (it should be known that she has this horrible habit of reading the end first – to the best of my knowledge she didn’t do that with this book but seriously does anyone else do that?) So I get home from an awesome morning at church and am completely exhausted and Toby wants to go swimming so I set up the pool grab the book and sit outside with him. The next thing I know I’m staying up late with my book light on so I can finish the book. In just over 24 hours Jenny and I both had read the book. So there you have it – my confession!


2 Responses to “Confession Time”

  1. You just became my wife’s best friend.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Now I’m going to go out and buy that one – I’ve been looking for my next good read!

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