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What is in the works for August August 1, 2008

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Here is a rundown of different things I am working on.

  • I’m pumped about tomorrow’s wedding that I get to do. I’ve mentored Matt for over a decade and have watched from being a middle school student to being a middle school pastor. He has went from one of my favorite students be with to one of my favorite people to be with. His wife to be is smashing and has one of the best hearts in the world.
  • We have an open mic Sunday in two weeks. Hard to plan for but I am working on different elements to be a part of the morning.
  • On the 17th I’m headed back to the mother church of thebridge to preach four times. I am stoked about this and believe it will be a powerful morning.
  • I’m working on two different series of blog posts. The first is about sheep stealing and shark fishing and the second is observations about the church through the lens of the battle of Trafalgar (I’ll need a better title because that one is very geeky).
  • Fantasy Baseball & Fantasy Football.
  • I’m currently studying for the upcoming series at thebridge – LECO, Wide Awake, American Idols (title could change), and Cookie Cutter Christian.
  • A late celebration of Jenny and I’s 6th anniversary which is Sunday.
  • Putting in a driveway at our home.
  • Hosting one of Jenny’s friends from Michigan for a week (I’m going to try to convince her to move).
  • Framing up the rest of the details for our Small Groups.
  • Starting the coaching network with Nelson Searcy.

One Response to “What is in the works for August”

  1. Looking forward to having you in the network too!


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