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Sunday Recap August 3, 2008

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6:30 – Get up
8:00 – Met AJ our guest teacher for the morning (for the first time)
8:15 – Set up
9:15 – Met AJ’s wife – she’s awesome
10:05 – Service starts
11:30 – Said goodbye to Veronica who is moving (gonna miss her)
12:00 – Lunch with Leaverton’s, Vanderhorst’s, & Sereg’s (our kids were the one’s who tossed all the food on the floor
1:30 – Nap Time!
3:00 – Wrestle with Toby
4:00 – Ice Cream with the Rogers
5:00 – Marriage Mentoring Final Class
8:00 – Hung out with friends and played some Ticket To Ride
10:30 – Called Matt on his honeymoon!
11:00 – Head to bed

AJ did an awesome job this morning and worked through some pretty heady concepts in ways that were easy to understand and grab a hold of. It was awesome for us at thebridge to be blessed by him and his words.

Today was Jenny and I’s sixth anniversary!

I’m out!


One Response to “Sunday Recap”

  1. Congrats on your anniversary Marty. In December, it will be 21 years for Becky and I. (I married at 10)….. 🙂

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