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The Dinner Where The Wheels Came Off August 4, 2008

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It has been one of those days where everything seems a bit out of control and then came dinner. Jenny hasn’t been feeling well for the past month or so for some awesome reason and so around 5:15 this night the conversation of dinner came about and it sort of went like this.

Jenny – I think we should go out to eat.
Marty – What sounds good?
Jenny – I don’t know Subway or Quiznos sound good but that doesn’t seem like something for the kids.
Marty – Wendy’s? (always sounds good)
Jenny – How about Burger King?
Marty – Sonic?
Jenny – I don’t think we’ll have time.
Marty – OK

Half way to Burger King

Marty – Burger King doesn’t sound good how about Taco Bell?
Jenny – OK but that doesn’t sound great.

Turn vehicle around

Jenny – Dairy Queen could be an option?
Toby – What did we forget?
Marty – Cool.

Turn another direction and pull into Dairy Queen. Jenny hops out to look at the outdoor menu. Comes back.

Jenny – They only have hot dogs and ice cream.
Marty – So Burger King?
Jenny – I guess – we still could do Taco Bell.

While heading that way

Jenny – I think I want chicken.
Toby – Are we going to eat?
Marty – Lets get some KFC.
Jenny – OK (less then excited)

Change lanes and pull into the drive thru. Spot a member of thebridge and say hi.

KFC Worker – What can I get you?
Marty – UMMMM
Jenny – I don’t know what to get?
Marty – UMMMM

2 minutes later

Marty – I’m confused by this menu.
Jenny – It really don’t sound good to me.

Marty puts the car in reverse and backs out of the drive thru.

Marty – McDonalds it is!
Toby – What did we forget?

Pull into McDonalds

Jenny – I don’t feel well.
Marty – I’ll take a #2
Jenny – I think I’d like the View.
Marty – That will be all.

Head to the Upper Room to put up sheet rock. Two phone calls later I track down the phone number for the View.

Jenny – I’m sorry this is how it ended up.
Marty – I’m sorry too

Both of us are just laughing as the kids are crying and we are just wondering what in the world just happened.

Later that night.

Marty – How was the View?
Jenny – I messed up the order.
Marty – What do you mean?
Jenny – Well instead of ordering two kids meals I ordered two dinners. It cost $26!

Laughter – Oh well.


4 Responses to “The Dinner Where The Wheels Came Off”

  1. laura from michigan Says:

    wow! it’s been 6 years since you stole my roommate?! congrats to you. i guess in hindsight, i’m happy about how it all turned out…and i’m sure glad i get to be apart of your lives! can’t wait to visit in a couple weeks!!!

  2. Yep…sounds like us… Even though our kids are older, it doesn’t change Marty.

    We always wind up at the Golden Corral since the youngest can get kid type stuff, my son always wants steak, my oldest wants salad bar stuff since older teens always think they are fat and I just want to sit and eat…PERIOD.

  3. Jenn Rogers Says:

    Ha! This is crazy and hilarious. I really like Toby’s line…”What did we forget?” Well, it’s a good thing that Graham’s was giving out that free ice cream on Sunday, considering you were probably over budget for dinner on Monday! 🙂

  4. martyschmidt Says:

    A little redemption to last nights fiasco is that the left overs have gone on to provide fourth meal for me last night and lunch for the entire family this afternoon.

    Scott – Am I to understand that this roller coaster could be solved if Ottumwa were to have a Golden Corral? I might write them a letter requesting their presence in out city.

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