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Tuesday Links August 5, 2008

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My brother shared with me a new site that has provided many a laughs. shows a video mishap a day. My favorite is Revenge of the Skateboard so far. (Disclaimer – there is the occasional cuss word)

Following up after that I thought I share a youth ministry mishap that I came across (here). It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has had things like this happen under my watch.

I started (this) recently and am pretty excited about it. My wife already thinks I look more buff.

Scott tipped me off to (this).

I saw that AJ had some fun comments leading into this past weekends visit to thebridge here. What was crazy cool about the weekend for me is that I am continually being confirmed by others and the Lord that this was the right thing to do. His message was spot on for what we are going to be launching into and I continue to hear comments that they were glad we brought him in. Jenny and I were recently rehashing the message last night with some friends. It isn’t to often that you are still talking about a message on Tuesday. The message should be up (here) tomorrow.

For those looking to practice for their upcoming fantasy football drafts you can go (here).

I think Mars Hill Church in Seattle has one of the coolest websites.

Just came across a radio station online called Pandora that allows you to pick an artist you like and they’ll compile a set list around that artist. Try it out (here).


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