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Church is a Team Sport Review August 7, 2008

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One of the biggest challenges I’m facing right now at thebridge is in the area of leadership. My past experience has always been one in which I was given a long leash so to speak to do what I thought would be best and by and large I never hung myself. The backfire of this has been I have often if not always functioned as a Lone Ranger and have significantly fallen short in the area of leading a team. Reading Church is a Team Sport is my second effort in as many months to try and unpack, systemise, and format a plan of attack in becoming both a Team Leader and a Leader of Team Leaders.

I think a better title for this book would be “The History and Ministry Philosophy of Real Life Ministires.” Don’t get me wrong I very much enjoyed the book but I was under the assumption that its content would be targeting the ideas of doing church as a team rather then the above suggested title.

My personal bullets:

  • Most people who don’t go to church site that they were never asked as the reason why they do not go.
  • Real Life has two targets for their audience – 1. People who are done with “religion” 2. Men
  • Quote “When we first started conferences at Real Life, we thought that the reason most churches failed was their methodology. We found instead that the first problem was a lack of unity in the leadership.”
  • Quote “Pride is the pitfall of every good team. Pride will cause division, kill relationships, and tell you that you don’t need to work as hard as you once did.
  • Two of the highest values I observed of Real Life is their commitment to follow up with those who did not make the Sunday service with a phone call to check in and small groups.
  • Four reasons why people quit – 1. Never really committed 2. Unwilling to Sacrifice personal desires to attain the goal 3. Unwilling to do what they don’t want to do 4. It gets tough

I think the things that I will be running with as a result from reading this book is trying to figure out what follow up looks like on a regular basis and continuing to vision cast for evereyone to be in a small group.


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