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Wild Goose Chase Review August 16, 2008

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It was quite a joy for me to get a chance to read an advance copy of Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson and my joy only built as I worked my way through the book.

Before I officially post my review I’d like to share how the book has already made an impression on me. My first encounter with the book came when I was flying back from DC after the WiBo conference and reading the first chapter that was included in our goodie bag and thinking to myself how cool of a concept it was by the Celtic to have a name for God like the Wild Goose and my interest was seriously peeked as to what would unfold in the future chapters. My second encounter came when the book arrived in the mail and I tore through the first chapter again. It was then that I saw the follow up questions for the chapter. The were dynamite for a Bible Study and just an hour later I found myself handing on of the copies of the book to some friends who will be leading a Growth Group in the fall and asked them if they would consider using this book for their study. My third encounter came when I actually read the book and found myself seeing correlations with what I will be talking about tomorrow morning. Thus some of the material from this book has leaked into my thoughts for the four services I have the honor of teaching at tomorrow.

The Review

Mark Batterson ignites the idea that we should all be on a wild goose chase because there is nothing more compelling or worth while than chasing God (the wild goose). However, as great and grand as that sounds many believers find themselves making excuses as to why they are living the adventurous life of following God. These excuses are given the name cages and Mark identifies six clear examples of what these cages could be. Through scripture, story, and subtle promptings Batterson unpacks each cage and provides tools, thoughts, and questions as to how to break out of them. To say that I recommend this book would be an understatement as I am currently ordering a case of them to give away to our first time guests at thebridge.


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