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Sheep Stealing And Shark Fishing Part 3 August 18, 2008

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In my first post I gave a defination as to what I mean by Sheep Stealing and Shark Fishing (here)

In my second post I unpacked my thoughts on Sheep Stealing (here)

In this post I will tackle Shark Fishing.

The concept of shark fishing is very compelling to many people. I enjoyed the comments made by those after the original post. It is clear that there is a hunger in each of us to be a part of catching sharks. We see this as the primary mission and calling of those who follow Jesus. One of the compelling angles on the story shared in the first post is the intentionality of the second group that went fishing. Their study, tools, and choice of location were huge factors in their being able to catch more sharks.

Yet without criticizing the above approach I wonder if the church is suppose to be open to shark fishing but its main function is to train and equip the people to go shark fishing during the week. I’m not saying this is true for all churches but what has been true for thebridge is an approach that has a target audience of those seeking God, seeking God again after wandering, and seeking God for the first time. Our pool of water is full of fish and sharks and a few swimming things yet to be identified.

Hopefully more thoughts to come.


One Response to “Sheep Stealing And Shark Fishing Part 3”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hey, thanks for the book ideas on my blog! I’m definitely going to check those out…already have Pete Greig’s book – great classic!


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