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Getting Pumped August 29, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 9:27 pm
  • Had my first tele-coaching network led by Nelson Searcy. I was encouraged by the level of excellence and thought that went into this. I also am excited about the level of the bar that is being set.
  • Went and picked up 15,000 square feet of tile yesterday. We only needed 4,000 but part of the deal was we would have to take it all. Anyone need some vibrant purple tile? The 4,000 is for the homeless shelter and the rest will go into storage for future projects.
  • I got a phone call tonight requesting me to be a part of local faith series to be done on the local news station. We shoot tomorrow at the Upper Room.
  • Went journal shopping tonight at Target. I couldn’t find the right writing utensil but I did find a journal that I think will work. I’m going to attack journaling in a little different way.
  • I restarted the 100 push up challenge. I’m only one week behind schedule.
  • Just finished Axiom by Bill Hybels.
  • Jenny made some awesome ham and cheese omelets tonight.
  • The second and last week of the series Ripple is Sunday. We have an awesome video to show.
  • Prayer walk Monday night and the new mailing should land at people’s doors on Tuesday. This has me very PUMPED! I am continually blown away by how God uses these.

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