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Sunday Morning Observations August 31, 2008

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I never felt landed in what God wanted to say through me this morning. Clarity, as often is the case, came upon my being done speaking. It is at those moments that I really fight internally because I question how I could have came to the conclusion of knowing what to say before I spoke rather than after. Maybe the most interesting point of this all is that what I realized is that I wasn’t suppose to say much of anything. It wasn’t about me sharing as much as it was about God inspiring and moving through worship and stories. During practice the song “Shout unto God” caught my attention, and I heard a prompting to speak prior to us singing this song corporately. In Hebrews 2 it talks about how we no longer have to fear death. After sharing, we sang and the Spirit was really moving!

Other songs also played an influence on the morning. “Come thou fount” has the line “prone to wander” and prior to the service I had one of those moments. I saw a guy who I haven’t really had a chance to get to know yet but I know he plays fantasy football. I asked him if he made the same mistake as I did and draft Rudi Johnson. Someone overhearing our conversation in a very appropriate way asked a subtle question if church was the best time for fantasy football. (the service had already started) It became clear to me how quickly I had just wondered from Jesus.

The series we finished today was called Ripple. I asked two questions. Who has played a role in your life and whose life is God calling you to play a role in. We sang the song “Come to My Rescue” (at least I think that is what it is called) twice this morning. I saw the significance of this song in two ways. The first being we need God to rescue us but the second and more directly related to the message was may be God wants to use us in part of the rescue of someone else.

One final thing on the morning. I shared up front that I often times go to McDonalds on Sunday morning and almost every week the same two girls take my credit card and hand me my food. As I pulled out of the drive thru this morning I felt a nudge to buy them flowers. After the service someone slided me some money and told me to be sure to buy those girls flowers. Another couple shared how they had built a relationship with a girl at the McDonalds they frequent and had even bought the girl a baby gift and then built a relationship with a friend of that girl and also bought her a gift for her baby.

Even though the message didn’t have the same zip that last week’s did, the morning was awesome.


One Response to “Sunday Morning Observations”

  1. That’s usually how it goes Marty. Every time I fear I’ve struck out, somebody tells me how blessed they were. Good to know the Spirit’s in control and not us eh?

    Be blessed and buy those girls flowers!

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