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Poor Planning Great Results September 1, 2008

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A few nights ago I was finishing up Hybels book “axiom” and I got a good chuckle out of the story he shared in leadership principle #62 entitled “Never Beat the Sheep.” It was a story about a small-groups pastor who was frustrated with the lack of response for his upcoming small group leader event. He was very upset that no one seemed to care. Hybels asked him some questions that soon revealed that the lack of participation was due more to the poor planning of the event. That principle showed up in my own life tonight. Last week I came up with this great idea to do a prayer walk just prior to our mass mailing that is going out. What was I thinking? I gave people 24 hours notice to join us on a prayer walk the night of Labor Day. As I sorted through our connector cards I was laughing at myself as a number of them had wrote notes on the side that said they would love to participate but won’t be around that evening. When I showed up tonight it wasn’t that big of a surprise to only see three people. One other element of my poor planning was that I didn’t even have a game plan for our walk.

Yet even in that poor planning on my part I was amazed at how God used our time. We not only had a highly engaged time of prayer but God showed me very clearly how we can do these more often. I am confident God was at work through us tonight and I am even more confident that the next prayer walk will be a large success because of the things I learned from this one.


One Response to “Poor Planning Great Results”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Just started reading “Axioms”. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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