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Sunday Recap (Tuesday Night Edition) September 9, 2008

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This was a huge Sunday for us at thebridge. We considered this the start of our second year and celebrated by starting a new series on relationships. We sent out our third and largest mass mailing to date. This was a huge risk on our part I believe because I was really wondering if it would trigger any interest. It definitely triggered interest and I believe this was our largest Sunday attendance to date. Not only that but this was also a Sunday in which we only had one person drive down from Pella. Everyone else at the service was checking out thebridge or already a part of thebridge. I also discovered that our mailings are a positive on the other local churches. It served as a reminder and in some cases a kick in the pants to go.

I have never seen a more eager crowd for a series. I’m still unpacking the feedback I have gotten so as to form up my thoughts more accurately for this upcoming Sunday. I’m blown away at the hunger for real relationships that exists and multiple levels.

Jenny and I stayed up late cutting out our bulletins with the help of her brother and his wife. We cut them to look like Lego’s.

One other highlight of the morning was the unveiling of our growth groups. This week we will unpack them more clearly but sign ups have already equaled all of our sign ups from our last effort at groups and we still have two more weeks of sign ups.  We have set the BHAG at 72 people. I’ll keep you posted.

Last night we had 9 people show up to work at the Upper Room.

Tomorrow the dock (our student ministries) gets started with basic training.


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