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The Welcoming Difference September 9, 2008

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Over and over again I am blown away at the response to our welcomers, greeters, and overall atmosphere. I’m rereading Fusion by Searcy and the importance of this is pounded through. Your first impression is huge! We have taken that to heart and have seen tremendous fruit from doing all that we can to minimize the awkwardness and confusion that comes with attending a church for the first time. This can be done with a certain look but ultimately it comes down to the people. My observation is that you can’t fake this stuff. You genuinely have to care and that is what is so awesome about the people who make up thebridge. They love being a part of this amazing thing God is doing.


3 Responses to “The Welcoming Difference”

  1. Jenn Rogers Says:

    We have amazing greeters! And Grant and I couldn’t agree more about there importance. When we first moved to Northern Iowa, we visited some churches. But one Sunday we were greeted at a church by amazing, caring, genuine people, and we instantly felt a belonging. Other elements led us to make that church our home as well, but that first contact less than 30 seconds in the door made all the difference.

  2. Chris Says:

    I completely agree! That’s one of the main reasons that I ended up at the bridge….

  3. Sara Says:

    I have discovered that this blessing of caring and greeting is quite addictive as I keep coming back to the great community of Ottumwa. I have never attended a church that felt so real and genuine in their interest in you!!!

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