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Thoughts Triggered by Seize the Fire part 3 September 9, 2008

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This is the third and last part of Thoughts Triggered by Seize the Fire.

Chapter 3 – Honour (as it is spelled in the book)

What a strange word this honor is. It seems completely dependent on the perception of others. For even in an attempt to achieve honor one can be misinterpreted and labeled as one with little or no honor. In fact honor is almost easier to identify by what one does to lose it rather than what one does to achieve it. Nicolson talks of the Spanish finding honor in death. (probably because they knew they were going to lose) Honor for the French was seen in position. The higher you rank the more honor you were entitled to. Thus it didn’t matter how well they fought their honor was secure. Yet for the British honor was found in duty. Nicolson says, “ranks is dissolved in honour. The radically entrepreneurial world of which this honour class is a part, cares nothing for rank and everything for duty, which meant the radical and uncompromising imposition of violent will on the enemy.” Quite a contrast to what we see out of Tom Cruise and the Last Samurai. (tangent thought)

So how does this play out in the context of the church? Could it be that some have already ordered their tombstone and prepared their will as a church. They take pride in one that they never compromised and they will go to their grave feeling secure in their death but the reality is they died long ago and really were never in the fight. Could it be that others were never aware that this has always been a battle over the people’s heart and they have instead been consumed with position and power to the point that it has hurt those within their own tribe? Could it be that others have embraced the idea of servant hood and if the accolades come so be it? Wouldn’t it be wiser to take the approach of Nelson when Nicolson says, “Nelson’s undoubted role was as a goad to honour, to lift these men to a higher conception of themselves and of their duty.” I’ve already touched on this above but the idea of honor is more understood by actions that cause one to lose honor then any particular solo act that would achieve honor. A person could conduct an act that is honorable yet still be on who isn’t seen with honor while at the same time a person can make on misstep and lose any chance of ever obtaining honor.

Gut check time – How are you obtaining honor? Are you coasing to the end? Are you position yourself for the long haul even if it meas keeping those who are more gifted and called around you at bay or down? Are you one with integrity? Are you embracing the opportunity to lift up those around you to see themselves in a higher light and a part of the grander mission then they ever thought possible?


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