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Toby and the Telemarketer September 12, 2008

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I haven’t laughed this hard for quite sometime. We got a phone call from a telemarketer and Toby wanted to answer so Jenny and I looked at each other and said sure. At which point the tears started to roll down my face. The conversation on Toby’s end went like this.

Yes, Toby, that is how you spell me.
2 but I’ll be 3 and have a birthday party and get a guitar.
Well Lydie is sleeping and so
I got grandma a birthday card but I broke it.
Who is this?
(long pause then laughing)
I thought you went away.

There was more to the 2 minute phone call that we can’t remember but it did our hearts well to laugh. I only feel a little bad doing this to them.


One Response to “Toby and the Telemarketer”

  1. Chris Says:

    That’s “her-rilous”!

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