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Thoughts on a week September 17, 2008

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All of this could have been done on Twitter but I haven’t got that advanced yet.

  • Monday I played in golf fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services for the third consecutive year. It just happened to be at the nicest golf course in Iowa. You can view it here. We shot a 66 but it should also be noted that we purchased our fair share of mulligans. One person on our team who is a pastor and has a first name that rhymes with party may have Happy Gilmored a shot into a car. I’m guessing this wasn’t one of their finer moments.
  • Tuesday I spent some of the morning with Toby and then worked in the office.
  • Turned down an offer to do a wedding for this Saturday. I’ve decided I’m only doing weddings for people I know or who attend thebridge or have asked me sooner then 4 days before the wedding.
  • I read Jesus wants to Save Christians.
  • Continued working on this Sunday’s message. I’ve changed the last two weeks around in the series. This week will now be the four relationships we all need and next week will be three aspects of a healthy relationship.
  • Started reading Money Matters in Church for my tele-coaching class with Nelson Searcy.
  • Looking forward to the office starting next week – anyone else pumped?
  • Big announcement at thebridge on Sunday. I’ll probably reveal it here on Friday.
  • Next week we start our Growth Groups. We currently have 50 people signed up. Our goal is 72!

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