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Sunday Stuff September 21, 2008

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Here are some bullets on what has been going on and what is coming up.

  • Toby brought his guitar to church this morning and played with the band while they warmed up. Pictures of him and the guitar coming soon.
  • We announced to thebridge this morning that Kate (the implementor of all things bridge and our first full time hire) will be done at the end of the month. This really wasn’t on anyone’s radar including both Kate and I. After the initial shock we have both celebrated and embraced what God has called us to. What is crazy is how God has called us to practice what we preach and that is to walk by faith.
  • Next Sunday we are having a kicking party with the everyone from thebridge invited over to our house to celebrate Kate.
  • This was our third week of sign-ups for Growth Groups. We set our BHAG (see here for what a BHAG is) for Growth Groups at 72. As of this morning we had 65 people signed up with one groups numbers unknown and not factored into that 65. AWESOME!
  • One more week left in the LECO/LEGO series. I have tried really hard to be specific and focused in each message. Next week I’m using part of a talk I heard by Erwin McManus. I’m pumped about bringing my own thoughts and weaving them with his main points.
  • Lee Grooms
  • This past weekend Jenny’s parents came down and we tackled some yard projects. This was awesome but it also created a desire to do a lot more. This leads to feelings of excitement and also a bit overwhelmed.
  • This week is full with a Pella doctor trip tomorrow, Brandon and I are going to hang out tomorrow night, a date with Jenny in Fairfield on Tuesday, dinner with Scott on Tuesday, my Growth Group is Tuesday night, lots of meetings on Wednesday with some being in Pella, going to the dock and Indian Hills Wednesday night, Jenny and I are going to DSM on Thursday for a meeting, Jenny leads a Growth Group on Thursday night, Friday is full of admin and Sunday prep, Saturday we are going to work on some outreach projects, Sunday after our morning service/gathering we are going to PARTY!
  • Brian Westbrook got hurt today which hurt one of my Fantasy Football teams. Looks like I’ll be 2-1 in both my leagues.
  • Big week for the Twins.
  • I really want a new phone. As one who loves to network I think I would greatly benefit from one with more features. I’m going to do my best to wait 6 months.
  • Lastly but definitely worth celebrating – I GOT LYDIA TO SLEEP TONIGHT! This is the first night Jenny has not been the one to put her down. Finding out she has a milk intolerance is dramatically been effecting our sleep in a good way.

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  1. D. Lee Grooms Says:

    My own bullet point. Love.

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