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Yeah Baby – Baby? September 24, 2008

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At first I was going to have this post be about the Twins back to back wins against the White Sox which is AWESOME!, but I thought I would disclose a little news instead.

Jenny and I are expecting again and we are really pumped about this. When we first learned the news I had this sense that we were having twin girls. I don’t know why but it was just in my gut. It became my standard line when we told people. “We are expecting twins.” To which Jenny would have to jump in and say no we don’t know that.

At our first doctor appointment I was quick to tell our friend Dr. B that I think we are having twins. After finding the heart beat he tried to listen in other spots and said I think it may just be one. This slowly diffused my thoughts but I hung onto a small percentage that we may still be having twins.

Last week we had another appointment and hope was rekindled. Upon his first check for a heart beat he picked one up right away. Soon he moved the doppler and again found the heart beat and gave Jenny a half chuckle saying maybe marty was right. He moved the doppler a third time and again found the heartbeat. He slowly started to laugh and said he may want to check something. He left the room and came back with a second doppler. He attempted to listen for different heart beats. The beat was the same in the two positions he had the doppler. He said I’m pretty sure it is one but we’ll know in four weeks.


One Response to “Yeah Baby – Baby?”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Congrats thats much better news than the minnesota twins

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