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Protecting your Dreams September 25, 2008

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I recently had a coffee with a friend of mine who I have been sharing life with for several years. Over our visits there have been times when he hinted at God revealing different things to him. Often he would share these ideas, dreams, or ponderings but occasionally there would be this hint of something else that God had given him but he didn’t have permission to share the details. Over the past six years I can recall him unpacking that he got more of the details but that he still didn’t have permission to share the dream yet. During our last meeting he unpacked it all. He received the go ahead from God to share with some so as to solicit intentional prayer about a certain aspect of this dream.

I was blown away by several things and I’m not using those words half hazardly. I seriously mean BLOWN AWAY. Here are some thoughts that have jumped from this.

1. God is the giver of huge and amazing dreams. What my friend is embarking on is nothing short of epic. Mark Batterson at a talk during the WiBo conference gave a great message on this very idea.

2. My friend has been obedient in protecting the dream. I fear many of us share to quickly and with the wrong people some of the dreams God has called us to. The consequences of this present themselves in many ways with the most notable one being disobedience.

3. The concept of Sowing and Reaping has lifted for me for the third time in two weeks. The first time being in my tele-coaching network, the second was monday night at a gather I was at, and again yesterday as I listened to my friend unpack the last six years of his journey with this God dream. We as individuals and corporately as a church must grab a hold of this biblical idea sowing and reaping.

4. I need to be in close relationship with God about the dreams He has given me and seek his permission on when and how and how much I can share and with whom. Today I received some fresh thoughts that have uplifted my spirit and I long to share them but I have also heard not yet.

5. Lastly I would like to say be active in engaging your dreams. I fear more then anything that many of us have quit looking for God size ideas and dreams. We have lost the ability to have an imagination like a child. Become an adventurer in your mind and see what journey God might be calling you to.


2 Responses to “Protecting your Dreams”

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  2. bryansissel Says:

    I had one of those aha moments reading this post thanks. oh and i found the settings for my comments so mine should appear right away like yours do

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