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Happy Link Friday September 26, 2008

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Love the new mailer by Lifepoint. This is one of my favorite blogs to read. Click It

I know we just launched Growth Groups and they are going awesome. I think we will stay with this format for awhile but I wouldn’t be surprised if God grows us into something like this down the road. Doing groups like this makes sense since we have people coming to thebridge from Ottumwa, Blakesburg, Freemont, Oskaloosa, Albia, Bloomfield, Pella, Hedrick, Kirkville, Batavia, Drakesville, Fairfield, and Agency.

Church Marketing Sucks did a story on your chuch smelling here.

My older brother was a passionate Wierd Al Yankovic fan. I remember him doing lip syncs to numerous songs. Wired magazine (here) did a story on Mr. Wierd. You can check a video on Joshua’s blog here.

Scott (here) tipped me off that a book on simple church for student ministry is coming out here. I’m sure it will be the same concept that was laid out in Simple Church. My observation has been that most Student Ministries that have a full time staff person are already doing simple church.

I continue to enjoy Mark Batterson’s blog (here). We give a lot of books away at thebridge and his is one that never seems to stay on the table. I believe Wild Goose Chase is closing in on Blue Like Jazz for most grabbed book, both of which are Growth Groups for us this fall.

With another baby (or 2) on the way the name books have come out. My wife was handed the following website (here) that actually helps you find a name. I’m guessing we’ll check it out.

Vince Antonucci shares 8 whoops of planting for him here. At thebridge we are working really hard on number 8.

Finally a few friends that are blogging:

Lee – Here
Bryan – Here
Jenn – Here
Justice – Here


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