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Celebrate Kate September 29, 2008

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Yesterday was our last day with Kate at thebridge. To celebrate her and her role with thebridge we had a kicking party at our house. We invited everyone who attends thebridge to come and over 90 people showed up to party with us. About 20 people played football in our backyard, we had two huge grills going, Larry smoked some meat, and tables full of sides and cake. It was an awesome time of honoring Kate and thanking her for all she has done in helping launch thebridge. There is no question that we are way further along in our mission and have been more excellent in what we have done because of Kate. Her next season of life has her on visits to Ames, St.Louis, and Colorado. Fortunately for us at the Schmidt home we will be seeing her again Tuesday night!

Side note – My wife is amazing! This was no small task to host this kind of a party but she made it look effortless. Thanks also goes out to her parents who helped get things ready. Finally thank you to Chris, Steve, and Larry for working the meat, and thank you to everyone who helped clean up. We were able to get our house back to normal before dinner last night. Crazy Amazing.


3 Responses to “Celebrate Kate”

  1. Jessica Renfrew Says:

    the party was great…was glad to see that so many people showed up!

  2. Kim Brenizer Says:

    We had a great time celebrating Kate! Boy, are we gonna miss that girl! We vote for more regular celebrations at thebridge 🙂

  3. martyschmidt Says:

    Jessica – Thanks for partying with us! We were blown away by the number of people!

    Kim – I agree, we do need more celebrations. I got a couple ideas to make this a more regular thing for us. Looking forward to the next one.

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