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Purple Miracle October 3, 2008

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NO this isn’t a post about me becoming a Minnesota Vikings. That would take more then a miracle.

About a month ago I was following up on a donation of floor tile for the Upper Room, a homeless shelter we are building. The guy who called said he had a ton of tile and we could come grab as much as we wanted. This was awesome as we need about 4,000 square feet. After further conversation though the deal changed to if we wanted the tile we had to take all of the tile he had because he needed to get rid of it. Upon showing up we see that there is about 20,000 square feet of tile. I’m super pumped about this with only a small concern as to where we are going to store all of this. As Larry and I get ready to start the load up process onto two ladies show up with a truck and a trailer. They said they wanted about 4,000 square feet. The guy in charge said take what you want and these guys are going to take the rest. In my mind I’m thinking wait a minute isn’t that the deal we originally signed up for but I’m sure God has a plan for the rest of this. Most of the tile is very usable but there was one pallet of 2,800 square feet of Dinosaur Barney purple. This pallet got put on the ladies truck and I was sort of glad about it because I didn’t want to house that until Jesus comes back. The two ladies start to freak out. They start yelling at the guy giving them this tile. He looks at us and Larry and I are like we’ll take rather then let these two get more upset. Probably the most irritating part of it was they wanted to sell the tile. None the less there we sat with a huge pallet of purple tile.

Fast forward to last night. Larry and I are making plans with some friends at thebridge who have agreed to store the tile. As we start discussing differernt things they mention they are moving a business they own to a different part of the building and are getting ready to remodel. I throw out that we have a ton of tile if they want some they are more then welcome to have some. The owner sort of shrugs and said that might be of interest to them. Larry follows up with we got plenty of purple if you’d like that. And the two of us starting laughing. The owners eyes get real wide with excitement and wanted to know if we were joking. Larry and I looked at each other in amazement and a few minutes more into the conversation we find out that this is going to be a huge blessing all the way around. As Larry and I were talking in the parking lot he said, “I told you God had plans for that.” He was right. As I drove home I just starting laughing and marveling at all that God has for us. He is throwing blessings our way above and beyond anything we could dream of. So the lesson is we need to start dreaming bigger. WATCH OUT!


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