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Pooped! October 4, 2008

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I wish this post was about Toby finally going on the big boy potty but that post will have to wait.

Today we had our first large group serve day in Ottumwa. No fancy name yet just a lot of people signing up to help out. I want to thank all of the people that helped make today happen including ACTS, Third Church, Grace Church, and thebridge.

Originally I said I could probably find work projects for 40 people. A little over a week ago we had 12 people sign up. By Monday the number had grown close to 30, by Wednesday 50, and by Friday we over 80 people signed up. The final count is still being worked but it is safe to say we had over 80 people working from 8:30-12:30 this morning. What an amazing day! We had projects that included painting, sheet rocking, landscaping, plumbing, making a wheel chair ramp, moving tile, moving tables, insulating, wall paper removal, and more.

I’ve learned through my years with working in student ministries that on these kinds of projects I probably won’t do a single thing. I’m simply there to answer questions. Fortunately for me there were several other guys who did far more prep, question answering, and work leading into today that made everything run smoothly. If you want to help on future projects like this stay in contact with the group ACTS. I posted their link above.

I’m pretty pooped right now – so if you could say a prayer that I have a lot of energy for tomorrow morning that would be awesome. I’m super pumped about our new series AWAKE!


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  1. martyschmidt Says:

    If you want to see some pictures visit me on facebook.

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