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I Still Got It October 9, 2008

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We continually find ourselves under staffed and have finally decided to try and hire some college students to be a part of children’s ministry. So last night I went out in search of some help for BridgeKidz at Indian Hills College. I met with some students for a Bible Study and then said a quick prayer asking the Lord to guide me to some students who actually would be a blessing to us in BridgeKidz and at the same time be impacted by Jesus. About two minutes later I find myself trying to figure out where to go to find some students when I hear some yelling coming from a window. Sort of the half yelling what’s up and half mocking the person who doesn’t know where the yelling is coming from. I decide to yell back.

Marty – Hey, do you want to babysit for me.

The two girls yell back – For who.

Marty  – For me.

The two girls – Is it paid.

Marty – Sure.

The two girls – When?

Marty – Well here’s the deal, I’m a pastor at a church and I need help in our kids ministry. You interested?

The two girls – What church?

Marty – Thebridge!

The two girls – We’ll be right down.

It turns out that one of their friends was just at thebridge for the first time last Sunday and really liked it and was wanting these two to come check it out. After an exchange of some phone numbers they have agreed to start helping out a week from Sunday.

In summary – I still got it – I still have girls mocking me from windows but I have decided that rather then mock back like the old days to invite them into an opportunity.


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