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Life is like Tetris! October 15, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 1:26 pm

When I was in my prime it would take me over 30 minutes before I would mess up in one game of Tetris. Something about the hours of training I put in during college helped me achieve this grand status. One of my strategies for Tetris was work the sides. The more things I could pile to the sides the more room I had to navigate in the middle. As the game of Tetris progress the speed in which the boxes drop increases, the music gets faster, and the difficulty of being able to move pieces to the sides becomes more challenging.

Lately I have felt like I have entered a new level of difficulty in life. The colors just changed, the boxes are falling faster, and the place they are about to hit is rising because more lines are being left unfinished.

What I am finding is that the quicker I am able to move tasks to the side (hand them off, check them off, or recognize they are not necessary in the first place) the more room I have to navigate in the middle. The middle being the core of who I am. I love having time for my family, to read, and network. One of the ways for me to recognize that I’m losing some boundaries or failing to navigate tasks efficiently is when I’m getting anxious and noticing I have less time to move the things in the middle. More and more I am having to work harder and harder at being intentional about keeping my middle free.

How do you keep those things that are most important to you in the place of highest priority and best use of your time?


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