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If I Had Twitter October 20, 2008

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This is what my twitter would say today.

8:00am – Lydia has had diareha for 5 straight days – time for a visit to the doc.

9:40 – Sarah is rocking the Sleep Out details. Huge help!

10:00am – Just punched out 13 e-mails of follow up.

10:08 – Fired an e-mail off to numerous Central College peeps trying to persuade them to drop their plans for a sleep out and serving in DSM and come to Ottumwa instead.

11:00am – Sticky Church is winning me over. I’m still not sure how this could work in our setting.

1:36 – Thinking about coffee – which gets me thinking about the 200 travel mugs we just got with thebridge logo on them to end our AWAKE series with.

1:43 – Just lost my voice – It has been in and out all morning – it has officially just checked out.

2:26 – Just got off the phone with a guy who is helping us work on some local commercials. We are trying to do a commercial that has nothing to do with thebridge on Sunday but everything to do with opportunities to join us in serving. We shoot in two weeks.

2:15 – Jenny and Lydia left for Pella for the doctor – Toby is outside mowing the lawn.

2:30 – Go and fill out an absentee ballot form. A second lady comes over and says she’ll finish up the form work with me. Then she said that she and her husband have been coming to thebridge. Very motivational was her words. Never sure what to say about that.

3:15 – Took Toby to a new park near the waterpark. Awesome park – plus they are pouring cement near bye which Toby is really into.

3:25 – Just got asked if I was the pastor at the BridgeView Center. I always smile because some how the Bridge View Center and thebridge get wrapped together. Good for us – not sure how that works for them.

3:40 – I hate other people’s realities! I know they dug some of the holes they are in but I’m frustrated in knowing how to throw a ladder down or how to climb down and tell them to get on my shoulders and push ’em out.

4:30 – Playing LEGO’s with Toby – AWESOME!

5:00 – Been working my way through the Divine Hours of Prayer which is similar to the Common Book of Prayer only understandable. Been doing this for 2 1/2 days and really enjoying it.

5:15 – Just got off the phone with my friend Derek. The Gophers are rated 24th in the BCS and will probably be favored in the rest of their games this year. BCS here we come!

5:30 – Tried to bribe Toby to eat his dinner. I proportioned a certain number of skittles that he could eat depending on what of his meal he ate. Jenny calls and I leave to go answer – I return to the kitchen and all of the skittles are gone but somehow the plate is still full of food. Nice!

5:45 – Jenny and I are invited over to some friends tonight. Time to get ready.


2 Responses to “If I Had Twitter”

  1. Bryan Sissel Says:

    i’m not sure how long the awake series goes on but if i’m working that sunday save me a coffe cup

  2. Jacki Graham Says:

    What did Jenny find out at the Dr.’s office about Lydia?

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